Why doesn´t he use a spoon
Forfatter: Søren Hilligsøe & Richard Pooley
Beskrivelse: Why doesn´t he use a spoon? is a guide on how to negotiate successfully in international business in the 21st century. Books on commercial negotiation are either written by academics keen to promulgate the results of their latest research or by business people who want to recount their ´war stories´ from the negotiation battlefield. This book takes the research which is relevant to the international negotiator and adds the authors´ own negotiating experience.What are the main messages of this book?

Win-win is not the same as let´s compromise. As a negotiator you should be trying to get the best possible deal for your side.

Always look for creative solutions, rather than just sticking to your original position.

Prepare yourself thoroughly and keep testing your assumptions by asking questions, a much underrated and underused skill.

Adapt your negotiation strategy, your behaviour and your communication style to suit the people yo
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