Health Economics
Forfatter: Jay Bhattacharya, Peter Tu, Timothy Hyde
Beskrivelse: Comprehensive in coverage this textbook, written by academics from leading institutions, discusses current developments and debates in modern health economics from an international perspective. Economic models are presented in detail, complemented by real-life explanations and analysis, and discussions of the influence of such theories on policymaking. Offering sound pedagogy and economic rigor, Health Economics focuses on building intuition alongside appropriate mathematical formality, translating technical language into accessible economic narrative. Rather than shying away from intellectual building blocks, students are introduced to technical and theoretical foundations and encouraged to apply these to inform empirical studies and wider policymaking. This book is designed for advanced undergraduate courses in health economics and policy but may also interest postgraduate students in economics, medicine and health policy. Ideal length for one-semester courses. ?^ ?F? ?g ?-G RIDTYPE>02 NIELSEN BOOKDATA ORG ID 113579 SPRINGER-VERLAG BERLIN AND HEIDELBERG GMBH & CO. KG 00 GB
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