International Economics
Udgave: 2
Årstal: 2012
Forfatter: Marrewijk, Charles van
ISBN: 9780199567096
Beskrivelse: Written from a European perspective and covering both trade and international finance, this innovative text provides a thoroughly up-do-date and comprehensive treatment of each area. The theory is illustrated with empirical evidence and an abundance of relevant case studies and brief accounts of the economists who have contributed to this area. A key feature of the book is the integrated Study Guide and Online Resource Centre that engages students and helps them prepare for exams. Online Resource Centre For Students: - Figures from the book - Study guide containing further practice questions and Excel simulations - Self-study material with further explanations of concepts - Adddtional Material on Zipf's Law to supplement the content in the book For Lecturers: - Answers to questions in the text - PowerPoint slidescan modern digital methods enhance pattern-seeking in the humanities? Rens Bod contends that the hallowed opposition between the sciences (mathematical, experimental, dominated by universal laws) and the humanities (allegedly concerned with unique events and hermeneutic methods) is a mistake born of a myopic failure to appreciate the pattern-seeking that lies at the heart of this inquiry. A New History of the Humanities amounts to a persuasive plea to give Panini, Valla, Bopp, and countless other often overlooked intellectual giants their rightful place next
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