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Årstal: 2008
Forfatter: Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya, Den Huan Hooi
ISBN: 9780071254052
Beskrivelse: Overview Think ASEAN! explores how companies should think of ASEAN as one borderless market that requires different marketing strategies to capture. It offers fresh perspectives to marketers all over the region on the upcoming trends of regionalization that can cause significant changes in future marketing activities. It argues that ASEAN marketers should not only be concerned about their local or global but also their regional marketing activities. The book contains three parts. Part I describes the landscape of ASEAN and explains clearly why ASEAN marketing is needed. Parts II and III discuss companies that have been very successful in implementing ASEAN Marketing. Part II looks at short cases of companies to explore their core marketing strategies; these companies include Bengawan Solo (Singapore), Dji Sam Soe (Indonesia), Goldilocks (the Philippines), Royal Selangor (Malaysia), Black Canyon (Thailand) and Number One Tonic Drink (Vietnam). Part III contains more comprehensive cases of selected companies including AirAsia and Yamaha. Features of This Book Think ASEAN! is the first publication of the Philip Kotler Center for ASEAN Marketing. Special foreword written by Ong Keng Yong, the Secretary-General of ASEAN There are several marketing models developed by the authors e.g., the 4C Diamond sub-model and the Sustainable Model. The 20 companies featured as case studies are excellent working models of companies that have used the positioning-differentiation-brand triangle successfully to market their brands. Guy Hart-Davis ?BC 2nd edition
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