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Beyond Default
Author: David Trafford
Have you ever wondered where your organisation is headed? Have you ever asked yourself: why is it that some organizations are more successful than others? Management fads can bring some benefit, but they rarely deliver the sustained success their advocates promised. Equally, while the calibre of an organization's leadership is important, along with the strategies they pursue, they in themselves are not the answer the question. This book argues there is something more fundamental at play; something that ultimately determines the destiny of an organization. All companies are on a trajectory - their "default future"; a place they will end up in if they take no action other than that currently planned. Identifying this default future, knowing whether this future is acceptable or not, and what actions to take for an improved future, is the ultimate key to sustaining future success for any business. This book, by two experienced strategy consultants, provides an important perspective on sustaining business success.
Publish date: 03-01-18
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