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Fuglesangs Allé 4
DK-8210 Aarhus V

CVR: 27044514

Phone +45 8615 5777

Prices have been reduced with 10% discount

BSS - The students´ own bookstore

  • Established by students in 1967.
  • Independent, non-profit institution.
  • Board of Directors consists of five students, one former student and one appointed by the Åaarhus School of Business
  • A large part of the profits is ploughed back to the students, for instance as support to student activities.

BSS is one of the largest bookshops in town
  • Turnover approx. 14 million Danish kroner excl. VAT.
  • Approx. 90% is from book sales, of which approx. 40% is Danish books and 60% foreign books.

BSS’s staff
  • 1 bookshop manager
  • 1 part-time bookshop employer
  • 1 part-time accountant
  • The number of part-time assistants is between one and three students from the Aarhus School of Business.

We provide a range of different books at competitive prices.
BSS's price policy
Books and other articles must be as cheap as possible

Student discounts
Students are granted a 10% cash on delivery discount on books and credit card purchases from our web shop The discount has been deducted from the prices in the web shop.

Returns policy
A sales note or a receipt must always be presented with the returned articles.
The money will be repaid within one week.
The BSS web shop grants customers two weeks’ right of return.

Bank details: Bank: Danske Bank, SWIFT/BIC: DABADKKK
Registration number: 3635
Account number: 4809509168
IBAN: DK6030004809509168

CVR/VAT: 27044514

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