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Breaking bad Habits
Forfatter: Freek Vermeulen
An in-depth look at how certain best practices can have unintended and negative effects on businesses, and how to avoid them.Based on rigorous research, most of it the author's own.Great stories (from the world of management and beyond).Freek is an entertaining storyteller.Even though the book is steeped in academic research, the author writes in a clear, conversational, and trade-friendly voice.Diagnoses a problem and offers detailed and actionable prescriptions.Audience: Senior C-suite executives. It is not a book about basic issues concerning strategic management. Instead, it offers a novel perspective on strategic management, handing senior managers a new way to think about innovation and generate proactive change. General business audience. The book has genuinely entertaining stories, and Freek writes in an entertaining way.
Udgivelsesdato: 26-09-17
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