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Brexit - how Britain left Europe
Forfatter: Denis MacShane
How could this have happened?
'No-one in their right mind wants, hopes or believes Brexit will happen. But it might happen by accident more than design. Denis MacShane knows more about what makes Europe tick than most and, in this important book, he explains why we should all understand how grave the situation could become.' - Peter Mandelson, 'This is an important analysis of the forces in Britain that have led us to the exit door of Europe. For those who do not wish this to happen MacShane's book is essential reading.' - Anthony Giddens, 'I don't believe that Britain should or will leave the EU, but it is of course a disastrous possibility and Denis MacShane, with his wealth of experience on Europe, shows how it could happen unless all those who oppose it speak out forcefully.' - Chris Patten, 'Denis MacShane and I spent nearly two decades in the House of Commons disagreeing on Europe without any quarter given but at the same time I hope being friendly and respectful of each other's views. This is an important description from a pro-European of the reasons why many consider EU membership to be inimical to the future of Britain.' - Bill Cash MP, 'This is an important study of the forces in Britain that could if they are not countered lead Britain out of the EU which would be bad for Britain and for Europe' - Pascal Lamy, former Director, World Trade Organisation, 'A shrewd analysis of the forces shaping the British debate on the EU. The description of how eurosceptic press works is alarming. The book is full of trenchant arguments and telling anecdotes' - Charles Grant, Centre for European Reform, 'Like the Irish or Free Trade question in the past the question of Europe is today's political dividing line issue as no other. To be or not to be in the EU and on what terms is an issue that dominates endless political debate so far this century. Denis MacShane knows the Europe issue as few others. He has lived and worked in different European countries, speaks languages, and has a contacts books of politicians and journalists in most EU member states. His book argues that if we get to a referendum then Britain will vote to leave the EU. Even if you disagree or hope that no such vote will take place it is important to know the arguments and passions that have made the Brexit question important in contemporary political discourse.' - Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive, RSA
Udgivelsesdato: 23-02-17
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