Law methodology - E-Book
Forfatter: Pia Vendelbo, Karen Marie Saaby Nielsen
Forlag: Forlaget LawLab IVS
Beskrivelse: This e-chapter is a part of a series of chapters that cover juridical subjects relevant for students studying at Academy Profession Programmes. The chapters can be read independently or together with the other chapters. The authors are both experienced Masters of Laws and are employed at Dania Academy of Higher Education, where they have worked as associate professors for several years. All chapters are structured in the same way: First, you get an outline of the content of the subject. Then there is an overview of the relevant sources of law. Finally, the students get to test their knowledge followed by some cases where they can use their knowledge on the subject matter in a more proactive way. Our intentions are to help the students understand the basic juridical disciplines so that they can participate in the daily decisions that take place in the Danish labour market. In the series Law for Academy Profession Programmes, the following chapters will be published in the autumn 2015.) Law Methodology) Contract Law) Danish and international Sales Law) Marketing Law) Data Protection law
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