Sustainability in Global Value Chains
Forfatter: Miehael Henke
Beskrivelse: Sustainability can create greater efficiency and cost savings in the supply chain. Supply chains, which are more complex and global than ever before, are full of both risks and opportunities. The risks range from inconsistent or poor quality to supply disruptions to health and safety concerns to corruption. Businesses face pressure to adopt sustainable supply chain practices from various stakeholders and motivations typically come from one or more of four sources: customers, compliance, costs, competitive advantage. Sustainability in Global Value Chains is the guide to understanding all aspects and approaches of sustainable supply chains using in-depth research from leading academics from sixteen different universities. Sustainability in Global Value Chains focuses on how to make supply chains sustainable, with an emphasis on new technologies and digitization. The research featured covers topics such as KPIs in production and supply chains, the role of standards, blockchain technology and algebraic models. This comprehensive book presents real world issues, problems in implementing sustainability in the supply chain and examples of best practice.n more about your equine companion, THE HORSE CONFORMATION HANDBOOK ? ~? ?g ??H ?<$ ]v ?g ? ?-G Chapter - 00: Introduction; Chapter - 01: You and HMRC; Chapter - 02: Tax rates and allowances; Chapter - 03: Tax credits; Chapter - 04: Interest payments and other outgoings;
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