Competing on Analytics: Updated, with a New Introduction
Udgave: 0
Årstal: 2017
Forfatter: Thomas H. Davenport, Jeanne Harris
ISBN: 9781633693722
Beskrivelse: From two pioneers in business analytics, an update of the classic book on how analytics and business intelligence are transforming competition and how leading organizations build and compete on an analytical capability. The first book to describe how analytics are changing the business landscape, updated with new information on predictive analytics, AI, and automation.Describes the specific attributes of firms that are analytical competitors and how they use business intelligence and analytics to make better decisions, execute more effectively, and optimize businesses processes.Lays out a five-stage model for becoming an analytical competitor and developing analytical capabilities.Show how companies are applying analytics across the enterprise: from finance and HR, to R&D and manufacturing.Shows how analytics transform relationships between customers and suppliers.Presents the key steps and capabilities for becoming an analytical competitor. Audience: Managers in all functional areas in organizations of all kinds (not strictly IT).Senior leaders who want to build an analytic capability in their organization and drive an enterprise-wide approach to analytics.Consultants.Vendors of analytical solutions and services.81543973426
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