Fundamentals of Strategy
Forfatter: Gerry Johnson
Beskrivelse: From the author team of the market-leading text Exploring Strategy, comes a new edition of Fundamentals of Strategy. Designed to help student and business executives boost their academic and professional careers, Fundamentals of Strategy is the most concise and easy to follow overview of the fundamental issues and techniques of strategy. Fundamentals of Strategy, 4th edition * Delivers the essential concepts and techniques of strategy in a new 8 chapter structure. This allows additional space to unpack the fundamentals in depth, and at times more critically. * Revamped final chapter on 'Strategy in action', raising implementation issues such as organisational structure, management processes and strategic change * Covers up-to-date topics including business models, sustainability and entrepreneurial start-ups. * Engages the reader with real-world strategy problems and provides insights and strategy examples from a wide range of international organisations. * New and updated cases and illustrations featuring small and large organisations from profit and not-for-profit sectors and operating all over the world. * Links to online support material.
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