Informations Systems Development
Udgave: 1
Årstal: 2002
Forfatter: Russo, Nancy
Forlag: MCGRAW
ISBN: 9780077098360
Beskrivelse: This book represents a modern and realistic approach to systems development methodologies by examining the usage of such methodologies in practice. It is now accepted that methodologies are not often followed as prescibed in practice. This book explains why this is so, and describes the extent and nature of thier usage.The book covers the emergence and evolution of systems development methodologies, and descibes and anaysis the methodologies in detail. It presents the pros and cons of the use of methodologies and provides empirical evidence on thier actual use.d as a tool for analyzing and implementing digital systems. The presentation includes excellent coverage of minimization of combinational circuits, including multiple output ones, using the Karnaugh map and iterated consensus. There are a number of examples of the design of larger systems, both combinational and sequential, using medium scale integrated circuits and programmable logic devices. The third edition features two chapters on sequential systems. The first chapter covers analysis of sequential systems and the second covers design. Complete coverage of the analysis and design of synchronous sequential systems adds to the com
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